Big Basin Redwoods State Park

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Visited: December 13, 2014

Description: A strenuous loop with beautiful redwoods and waterfalls

Length: 10.5+ miles

Elevation: ~200-400ft

Duration: 5+ hours

Difficulty: Hard… especially when you sprain your ankle…

Terrain: Hilly dirt trails, can be steep and bad for the knees.

Wildlife: Bananananana slugs


Parking: Lot $10 (37.172216, -122.222430)

Best time to go:  All year round, but especially when it’s waterFALLING

Bring: Camera, water, food, snacks, good hiking shoes, change of clothes, good friends (it’s a long one so make sure you choose your friends wisely)

With the recent week of rainfall in the Bay Area, it may be the perfect time to make a trip to Big Basin.

A few days after the Bay Area “Stormaggedon” in December 2014, we decided to check out Big Basin Redwoods State Park. We knew this would be an awesome adventure and we were hoping the waterfalls would actually be waterFALLING. After experiencing the worst drought of the century in California, most waterfall hikes have been lackluster and disappointing (#waterfallsnobs).

We ventured with 3 other friends down the Bay Area Peninsula hoping to catch a glimpse of a fully-flowing waterfall. We arrived at the State Park at 7AM. Most hikers prefer going counter-clockwise on the trail because a majority of the falls are in the later parts of the hike. Since we’re rebels, we chose to go clockwise so we could selfishly see the falls first.

First stop: Sunset Trail which later connected to Berry Creek Falls Trail, then to Skyline Trail and finished off in the Sea Trail. Off we went…

A few miles in, we hit our first waterfall. Excited, we quickly ran towards the waterfall.


You’re not allowed to, but Linda decided to take a little dip in.


A mile later, we hit Silver Falls. This was by far our favorite waterfall of the day! These waterfalls were freaking waterFALLING. Linda convinced Alice to climb up a log crossing the creek. Linda moved forward without hesitation as Alice carefully made her way over (safety first!). The closer we got, the more we got splashed. By the time we reached the middle of the log, we were soaked head-to-toe. Good thing we still have 7 more miles to go with no change of clothes 😀


Moving onwards, we climbed up the side of Silver Falls. There was so much water that it was pouring onto the trail.


Shortly after, you see a series of waterfalls. Here is a shot of Cascade Falls:


Greg decided to molest Golden Falls… Who brought him along? 

Greg being Greg

Seriously… Who brought Greg along 😂


It was an amazing time with great company. We were completely enamored with the continuous falls one right after the other. The rest of the hike didn’t leave us with much anticipation. The best part of the hike was already over and we had 6-7 more miles to go without a single waterfall. Maybe we should have gone counter-clockwise? Hmmm.

The second part of the hike took a turn for the worst. Alice had previously sprained her ankle a few weeks back and was struggling during the second part of the hike. Linda and Shaheena decided to run ahead on the trail and out of nowhere we heard a loud scream. The rest of us rushed over to see what happened. Linda had just sprained her ankle over a root from running. Now both HikeSnobs were out of commission. Despite the injury, we moved forward… After all, HikeSnobs love a challenge. With Linda’s fresh sprain and Alice’s irritated sprain, we trucked forward with the help of our friends.

It was a grueling last 4 miles until we would reach the end of the trail. Mother Nature further tested us by placing huge freshly fallen redwoods onto the trail from the “Stormaggedon.” 

This wasn’t even the worst fallen tree 😥

By the end of the trail, our bodies were aching but our ankles were still attached so we’d like to say that was a success! 😀

Despite our struggles, we accomplished our mission. At the end of the day, “to write a great story, start with a real struggle” or in our case, end with a real struggle. Maybe we should have gone counter-clockwise! Damn.

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Get there early! You don’t want to hike the last 3 miles in the dark! Unless that’s what you’re into 😉
  • If you are a waterfall snob like us, the best way to check if a waterfall is actually waterFALLING is Instagram. Search #berrycreekfalls to see the water levels.
  • Bring a lunch. It’s a long hike!
  • Change of clothes, just in case you are lucky enough to get soaked like us.
  • Extra shoes and socks or sandals! Very important unless you like walking around in wet shoes… weirdo.
  • Watch out for evil tree roots and rocks……
  • If you’ve learned from our hike, you should probably go counter-clockwise. Maybe even go clockwise and just skip the loop!

Helpful maps/guides:

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Leave us a message below!

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