Adobe Falls

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Visited: May 23, 2014 and November 28, 2014

Description: A world of puuure imagination. A non-seasonal waterfall with graffiti tagged on boulders surrounding the falls.

Length: The trail itself is about 10 minutes. Exploring the falls could be as long or as short as you want.

Duration: 30+ minutes, depending on how far you explore.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Terrain: Large boulders

Wildlife: Does floating garbage count?

Pets: Not permitted but up to your own discretion.

Parking: Street (32.780992, -117.069718)

Best time to go: Any time, although you’re not actually “allowed” to enter because it’s private property.

Bring: Shoes with good grip, camera, maybe even a snack to enjoy in the magical world

From the “NO TRESPASSING” sign, the trail starts off steep so be careful. If you hate steep (like Alice does), you can find another path down from the other side of the road which lets you go around. Linda’s mom actually found the other path when she was dragged along the second time around (even our parents can’t stop us from exploring!). Follow the trail and it will lead you straight to the falls.

When we went in May, the water was pretty nasty…

It was still an awesome sight. There’s a lot of bouldering involved in this hike. HikeSnobs love to get down and dirty! We climbed just about everything, leaving no boulder untouched. Depending on how long you are there, you can get a pretty great workout by the end. When you explore the area more, you’ll see graffiti in just about every nook and cranny. Maybe we should have brought our own spray-cans.


When we went back in November, it was a beautiful sunny day and the water was so much better!

If you’re up for it, you can explore farther east and find the Aztec Tunnel:

The hike to the Aztec Tunnel takes about 20 minutes. Just make sure you follow the water to get there.

Enjoy your time here but try not to get too rowdy when you visit. The area is located behind residential homes. You don’t want to increase your chances of getting fined for trespassing. Both times we’ve been there, we had no issues. Then again, we’ve been pretty lucky.

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Avoid littering. Keep this place clean.
  • We’re not sure what the fine is but proceed with caution.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Leave us a message below!

6 thoughts on “Adobe Falls

  1. I love your blog! Waterfalls and interesting places like these are my favorite 🙂 Can’t wait to check them out one day!


  2. I am the person that owns the home at the end of Mill Peak Road. For years now disrespectful people have been damaging our landscaping, leaving trash and causing extreme erosion on our property in order to enter the posted, private property of SDSU to reach the falls. We are now forced to install fencing and call the police when anyone arrives. The falls area was once a beautiful, natural place. Now it is covered in toxic paint that is flaking off and running into the ocean. So much trash has been thrown into the ponds, it makes me very sad. I don’t understand why this happened. Why did such a beautiful, natural place end up being so polluted by kids and young adults?


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