Valley of Fire: Fire Wave

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Visited: January 16, 2016

Description: Easy hike to a wave shaped sandstone with gorgeous rock layering

Length: 1.25 miles out and back

Elevation: 140 feet

Duration: 30 minutes or more, depends on how much you explore

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Dirty, sandy, rocky

Pets: Dog friendly

Parking: Lot (36.488110, -114.528974)

Best time to go: Anytime but sunrise and sunset is even more beautiful

Bring: Camera

Fire Wave is a MUST-SEE in Valley of Fire State Park. It’s not listed on the brochures or pamphlets yet but you will see signs for it when you drive through the park. This place was our absolute favorite out of everything the park had to offer.

We arrived in parking Lot #3 at 6AM, the sun was beginning to peak over the sandstones as we set out on the trail. You’ll see a sign across the road for the Fire Wave trail.


The trail is easy to follow because there are short brown poles showing you exactly where to go. The first portion of the hike is in deep red sand, the trail winds around huge stone bluffs until it fully opens up.


As the sun began to rise higher into the sky, we caught the most breath-taking views.


Like seriously, how beautiful does that look?!


To locate the infamous Fire Wave vista point, you have to walk toward the end of the hike where you spot the wash. If you go pass the wash, you’ve gone too far.

IMG_4454 (1)

Standing on the rocks, start heading right and make sure the wash is in your eyesight. As long as you pay attention to what you’re looking for, you should be able to spot it. We ran into a photographer from Kentucky who tried looking for the wave without any luck. When we found it, he actually said he was in that spot earlier and didn’t see what we saw. Not something a photographer would want to admit to… ;P

The view from the other side was amazing as well. We climbed on every rock and boulder this trail had to offer.

We could’ve stayed at Fire Wave for hooours. There’s so much climbing and beauty involved in this hike that we just didn’t want to leave. Being our first hike of the day and not knowing how long everything else would take, we sadly left the wondrous Fire Wave.

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Very little shade on the trail, avoid hiking in summer.

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