Lizard’s Mouth

HikeSnobs rate this: 3.5thumb


Visited: March 9, 2014 and May 9, 2015

Description: An awesome natural “playground” for any outdoor enthusiast. A lot of rocks to boulder and climb with a great view.

Length: 0.5 miles out and back

Elevation: 50 feet

Duration: 30 minutes or more depending on how much you want to explore

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Large boulders

Wildlife: Lizards

Pets: Dog & Goat Friendly!

Looking for his other goat

Parking: Roadside (34.501311, -119.863732)

Best time to go: Anytime

Bring: Camera, snack (if you want to picnic there), sunscreen, water

Not-so-fun fact: A body was found here… You can watch Alpha Dog which is based on the murder.

Lizard’s Mouth is the perfect place to take in the views and climb rocks. There is no direct path; you create your own path. This is nature’s playground – the best kind of playground! Don’t expect a distinct trail or markers to lead you to Lizard’s Mouth, you are on your own here!

HikeSnobs love to explore and go bouldering so this was right up our alley. With no direct trail, we ran around like the little kids that we are.

Alice was feeling very zen that morning:


Linda tried to reach Alice’s level of zen but couldn’t quite get it right…


Then things got weird…

Time for a snack

After a fun day of running around, it was time for a little nap to reenergize!

In their natural habitat

Even though this hike is 0.5 miles out and back, there is so much to explore in the area. You could spend hooours here and we did just that. We had such a great time being silly and wandering that we forgot we had a destination to reach – the Lizard’s Mouth! After asking fellow explorers, we soon found the Lizard!


By the end of our adventure, we were exhausted but we had an amazing time. Sometimes the journey is greater than the destination. Lizard’s Mouth is the perfect example of that.

@HikeSnobs finds:

We actually didn’t notice this when we were there but after looking through our pictures, we realized the crazy and awesome coincidence with the above two side angles of Lizards rock! Let us put them side by side for you:


On the left is the face of a woman at the bottom of Lizard’s Mouth. On the right is the face of a man and if you look carefully, you’ll see that his nose is actually the top of the lizard’s mouth! There’s definitely something very poetic going on here… But we ain’t going to get into that.

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • If you are unsure of how to get to Lizard Mouth, ask someone or keep exploring until you do.
  • Seriously, enjoy your time here.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Leave us a message below!

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