Nojoqui Falls

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Visited: March 9, 2014

Description: A really short hike to an 80 foot waterfall

Hours: 8AM – Sunset (we learned the hard way)

Length: 0.65 miles roundtrip

Elevation: 175 feet

Duration: ~1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Dirt trail

Parking: Lot (34.534010, -120.178472)

Best time to go: Go when there has been a good amount of rainfall

Bring: Camera, snack/lunch (if you have time for it)

After a day full of exploring and fun, we had one last destination to hit. Pronounced NAH-ho-wee, Nojoqui Falls was our final adventure in Santa Barbara County. We rushed off to the park so we could complete it before the sunset. We reached the entrance of the park and saw the gate was half closed… We did NOT come all the way here for nothing. After a quick group vote (mostly a HikeSnobs vote), we decided to risk it and drove into the park. Finding a completely empty parking lot, we parked right in front of the trail and ran towards the falls! We were on an EXTREME time crunch.

A picture in motion… literally

Within 5 minutes, we made it!


It wasn’t as waterFALLING as we expected but knowing we were there when we weren’t supposed to be made it worth it 😇 A quick group photo and we rushed back to our car.


Thankfully, our car was still there with no citation. Feeling relieved, we got back in our car and drove towards the exit. The gate that was partially closed was completely closed now! Oh crap! Lucky for us, a park worker was still in the area cleaning up. His back was to us and we slowly crept our car up to him hoping he’d turn around… We had to give a short honk and as he turned, we expected to get yelled out but he just stared at us for a second… Nothing. He silently opened the gate and as soon as we passed him, that’s when he decided to scream at us. We didn’t hear what he said… Maybe it was, “Hope you enjoyed your time! Come again!” Or it could’ve been something not so nice. We’re just glad we made it out of there without any real trouble!

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Make sure you have plenty of time to explore before they close…

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