Eaton Canyon

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Visited: May 4, 2013 & April 5, 2015

Description: Easy hike to a 40 foot waterfall

Length: 3.4 miles round trip

Elevation: 375 feet

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Maintained dirt travel. Does require a bit of climbing and maneuvering but definitely do-able

Pets: Dog on-leash

Parking: Lot

Best time to go: Early morning on weekends or weekdays. This is a CROWDED hike on the weekends.

Bring: Camera, water, swimsuit, water shoes (if you plan on getting in the water)

In theory, Eaton Canyon is a great hike within the Los Angeles area but this place can get incredibly crowded. It’s a short, easy hike so it makes sense that many people would come out to enjoy this natural beauty. We arrived at the parking lot at 10AM and there were a ton of cars already there. It was a bit challenging to find a parking spot but luckily for us, we snatched a spot as someone was leaving.

As we made our way to the trailhead, we could tell from a distance that it was already full and active. There were clusters of hiking groups who have either just finished their hike or were waiting for the rest of their group to arrive. Along with every large hiking group, every single breed of doggie cuteness can be spotted. (Eat your heart out, dog lovers)

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the shear number of hikers, we quickly tried our best to walk past the crowd. Not a great start to a Saturday morning hike… but we tried to enjoy the natural surroundings as much as we could.


The beginning of the trail is completely open. When we went, it was lush and full. Alice’s dog Ox decided to come along on our adventure. He loved being outdoors and probably had the best time out of all of us!


During the second portion of the hike, the trail becomes a bit more narrow which makes the hike even more congested. There were some parts of the hike where hikers had to walk in a single file line. What is this?! How is there LA traffic even in nature….


When you reach a bridge, you know you are getting close. From here you’ll be able to spot a couple “waterfalls” along the way but these are nothing compared to your destination. Towards the end of the hike, there is a bit of rock scrambling but nothing you can’t handle.


As the crowds become larger, you know you’re close. At the end you’ll see a mass of people sitting around. But beyond that crowd, you’ll find this beauty. Take a dip and enjoy it!


Some people really hate Eaton Canyon Falls (coughAlicecough) because of the crowd but if you go on a slow day, it’ll be more enjoyable. If you only have weekends free, it’s still worth the visit because “every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector’s item.”

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • If you can, go on a weekday because it gets SOOO crowded!
  • There is a dangerous route to get to the top of the waterfalls. We found what may have been the right trail but we gave up quickly because the trail was hella steep. We read the stories about hikers dying while attempting this hike and we’re just not ready for that. If you decide to attempt the hike to the second falls, be extremely careful!

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