Kanarraville Falls

HikeSnobs rate this: 4thumb


Visited: May 28, 2016

Description: A fun and short hike to an amazing waterfall

Length: 2.5 miles out and back

Duration: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Dirt and river trail

Parking: Parking lot $10

Best time to go: Weekdays/Off season

Bring: Camera, water shoes or shoes you don’t care to get wet in, water, bathing suit

Being a HikeSnob, it takes a lot to impress us. The more we explore the world, the more snobby we have become (hence the name) 😛

After a Memorial Day weekend full of exploring national parks, canyons and valleys, we’d have to say Kanarraville Falls BLEW OUR MIND!!! We’ve always joked about hikes needing a waterfall in order to get a 4 thumbs rating from us and this one takes the cake.

After paying $10 to a suspicious looking employee who looks like he might not even work at the parking lot, we quickly started our adventure to the falls.

The trail is pretty easy to follow and your shoes will get wet! After walking along a dirt path, you’ll hit a fork in the road. You can either walk through the water for a bit or follow the dirt path.

Being the HikeSnobs that we are, we took the water route!

The route can be a bit tricky to follow but just keep your eyes out for wet footprints or follow others heading to the falls.

Eventually, the trail stops at the entrance into a slot canyon. WHAT?! We did not expect this at all! Things just got EVEN better 😀

Walking through this slot canyon in the water was amazing. The Narrows in Zion National Park can suck it!

Less than 5 minutes later, you will hit the crowdedly beautiful Kanarraville Falls…

We couldn’t leave without capturing a great picture so we had to wait a while until we could finally catch this amazing shot!

Now it was time for us to climb the tree ladder and check out what was beyond the waterfall.

At the top, the slot canyon opens up…

A few short steps farther and you’ll see more waterfalls. To get past this one, you can take the route on the right, up the waterfall.

Beyond this is more water crossings and you can find another tree ladder ahead. We passed on the second tree ladder because it was getting late. We already plan on coming back one day anyways so expect an update on Kanarraville Falls!

Off to our next adventure…… :):)

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Go on an off day! Like seriously, this place gets crowded. It was hard trying to get a decent picture…

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