Horseshoe Bend

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Visited: May 29, 2016

Description: A gorgeous horseshoe-shaped meander in Page, AZ

Length: .5 miles

Duration: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Too easy

Terrain: Sandy trail

Pets: Dog friendly

Parking: Parking lot (36.8762709,-111.505014)

Best time to go: Sunrise or sunset to capture better photos and to avoid the heat

Bring: Camera

Just a few feet off Highway US-89 is one of the most photographed viewpoints of the Colorado River. When we first planned our road trip, we didn’t expect Horseshoe Bend to be so easily accessible, so we were relieved to be able to add this trip to our itinerary!

After finishing our adventures in Zion National Park, we headed straight to Horseshoe Bend. Every hotel/motel in the area was booked or was outrageously expensive for Memorial Day weekend so we decided to sleep in the bed of our truck for the night. We spent the night curled up in our sleeping bags under the stars… way better than a warm bed (in our opinion, at least).

We woke up a little past sunrise because Arizona’s timezone was confusing AF near the border (Get it together, Arizona!). Reluctantly, we left the warmth of our sleeping bags, put on our hiking shoes and headed towards the Bend.

It was 6AM and there were a few people on the trail already. As you walk up the trail, you’ll see the hundreds of footprints left behind on this wide sandy trail. There is definitely no getting lost here.

 At the top of the hill we saw the outline of the horseshoe. Excited, we quickened our pace.

5 minutes later we made it to the viewpoint. The sun was rising behind us, so there was a bit of a glare. Despite the glare, we took our time admiring this natural beauty. Not a bad start to our morning.

If you’re not in a rush, enjoy your time here! If you have time and are interested, we HIGHLY recommend you visit Antelope Canyon which is just 10 minutes away!

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • The timezone in this area really confused us… And our phones weren’t really helpful either so ask other people what the actual time is, in case you have other places you need to get to before a certain time.

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