Death Valley: Natural Bridge

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Visited: April 13, 2014

Description: A natural stone bridge on the east side of Death Valley.

Length: About 1 mile, out and back

Duration: 30 minutes

Elevation: 400 feet

Terrain: Gravel, dirt trail

Difficulty: Easy

Parking: Lot (36.281197, -116.769744)

Best time to go: Anytime

Bring: Water, camera

After driving all day long and falling asleep at the wheel every now and then, it was finally time to get out and stretch our legs. Natural Bridge is a great short hike to reenergize and remember why exploring Death Valley on a little bit of sleep is worth it.

If you are coming from Furnace creek on Badwater Road, you’ll make a left on Natural Bridge Road onto a dirt paved road. You’ll be on here for 10 minutes until you hit the parking lot. From the parking lot, the bridge is a short 15 minute hike away. Follow the trail and it will lead you right there!


Of course, photo op for the HikeSnobs!


Since it was such a short hike, we decided to see we could possibly attempt to climb to the top of the bridge.


We never leave a rock unclimbed! Unless it’s too difficult… This was the furthest we could get but it was pretty fun!

Climbing back down was pretty tricky since we had trouble getting up there in the first place. Linda struggled a bit scrambling back down. Alice had help from Peter, her boyfriend, to help her to the ground. Everyone can appreciate the princess treatment every now and then :P. Ricardo went a different way and jumped a few feet down. He ended up hurting his ankle and limping everywhere. Typical Ricardo… No one stops HikeSnobs from exploring though so sorry Ricardo! You’ll have to limp everywhere with us.

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Be careful climbing and don’t be dumb like Ricardo.

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