Death Valley: Darwin Falls

HikeSnobs rate this: 2thumb (because it’s a waterfall in the fricking desert!)


Visited: April 13, 2014

Description: A year round waterfall located on the western edge of Death Valley.

Length: 2 mile in and out

Duration: 45 minutes

Elevation: 20 feet

Terrain: Dirt and rocky trail

Difficulty: Easy

Wildlife: Lizard? Iguana? Whatever that animal is in the picture below


Parking: Lot (36.327674, -117.514659)

Best time to go: Anytime

Bring: Water, camera, sunscreen

It’s true! A year-round waterfall exists in the desert!


This spring-fed waterfall keeps the trail lush along the streamside. There is no formal trail but the 1 mile hike is pretty flat. There is some rock scrambling and a few stream crossings, but nothing difficult.

When we arrived at the beginning of the hike it was hard for us to imagine that a waterfall existed in the area at all. To our surprise the dusty desert trail quickly transformed into a lush green oasis in matter of minutes.


This trail was not weiner-dog accessible…


Even though the waterfall claimed to be year-round, we were still pretty surprised to catch it waterFALLING. It IS Death Valley, afterall.


You can climb up the side of the canyon to try to get a different view… or just for fun 🙂 Just make sure you’re careful!

Ricardo and Linda climbing away

And here’s the view from the top with Alice, Peter and Ox making sure we don’t die.

View from the top

Seeing a waterfall in Death Valley, the HOTTEST place  on earth, definitely made the trip worthwhile. It is the perfect way to stay cool in the desert heat.

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Dogs are actually not allowed here… Shhhhhh!
  • There is another upper waterfall that we didn’t check up. To find it continue to climb up the canyon to the left of the falls to find it.

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