Wahclella Falls

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Visited: July 24, 2014

Description: Beautiful mossy trail that leads you to a 130 foot waterfall

Length: 2 miles lollipop loop

Elevation: 300 feet

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Dirt trail

Pets: Dog-friendly

Parking: Lot

Best time to go: Anytime

Bring: Camera, water. swimsuit, water shoes, snacks

The Columbia River Gorge offers dozens of waterfalls in the area. It is hard to choose just one. After leaving the busy Multnomah Falls, we wanted a more intimate trail experience. Just 15 minutes along the Columbia River, we quickly made up our minds and headed towards Wahcella Falls trail head. There is a small parking lot you can park in and we luckily snagged the last spot.

The trail is a well-maintained dirt trail. The first portion of the hike, you’ll be following the trail along the stream. 0.3 miles into the trail, you’ll hit a sharp left turn onto a short wooden bridge. As you are walking over the bridge. BAM! Munra Falls, a 35 foot water fall, on you left hand side. No big deal, this is Oregon after all. The state of waterfalls apparently.


After you hit the falls, the trail gets a bit narrow. You’ll be climbing up some wooden stairs and it will be a steady incline up but nothing too strenuous. About 3/4 of a mile you’re going to hit a split; you can go either way. This is the lollipop loop portion of the trail. If you take a left you’ll continue to be climb upwards and you’ll spot the top of the falls first before heading down to the base. If you go right you’ll be walking up towards the falls. We chose to go right.

Shortly after making a right, you’ll cross a bridge or two and the surroundings will open up.


Out from the distance, we spotted the top of the falls. The thundering sounds of the water hitting the ground made us jump with excitement.


We quickly ran towards the falls like little children. We were the only people there most of the time. This was the complete opposite of Multnomah Falls which we preferred. As we made our way down to the falls, the power of the waterfalls matched it’s sound. We could feel the mist of the splashes the closer we inched towards the falls. The bright mossey greens on the falls made these falls even more beautiful.

Here is a close up of the falls:


While it was way too cold to get in, we spent a good amount of time climbing and admiring the falls. This would be a perfect place to stop and have a lunch. We had a blast and were happy to end our day in this secluded place.


@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • If you plan on climbing near the falls, you can get pretty dirty… Bring some extra clothes.

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