Mozumdar Temple and Pillars of God

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Mozumdar Temple

Pillars of God

Visited: July 20, 2014

Description: A sort of Taj Mahal looking structure hidden in the mountains

Length: .25 miles

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Gravel roads

Parking: Roadside

Best time to go: Anytime

Bring: Camera

We don’t remember how we came upon Mozumdar Temple but when we researched it, one site said guards secure this temple with guns and neighbors will threaten to shoot you with their shotguns. What the heeeeeck? Well, HikeSnobs are always willing to risk their lives and this just made them want to visit the temple more!

Built by writer and philosopher, A. K. Mozumdar (1864-1953), Mozumdar Temple can only be visited if you are apart of The Rim of the World Historical Society. You can find out more information about Mozumdar and his temple here.

Just 15 minutes from Heart Rock Trail, once you reach Mozumdar road, you will hit a dead end. At the end, you can either turn left to reach the Pillars of God or right to check out Mozumdar Temple. We decided to turn left first because it looked safer. We passed a small store and was greeted by a friendly man. We asked him if the Pillars of God were up ahead and if we could go there. He kindly said yes and let us move forward. A short drive later and we made it to the pillars.


We didn’t stay long. There wasn’t much else to see. Leaving the pillars, we said bye to the nice man and headed over to the temple. We didn’t ask him about the temple, in case he gives off a warning to the guards or shotgun neighbors.

Instead of turning right onto Mozumdar road, we beared left and drove onto the driveway down to the temple. The driveway had a chain that was unlinked so it was definitely unnerving to enter but we’re risk-takers. If anything, “We got lost, Sir (lost puppy dog face).” Seconds later, we drove right up next to Mozumdar Temple. No guards around, no threatening neighbors… Hm, maybe later?


We explored the area and it was a bit eerie but the views were great.


We tried to peep inside the temple but it was too dark to see anything through the open windows. We did notice tables and chairs so it seemed to be in use and not actually abandoned or haunted. When you look at the front door, you’ll see a bunch of marks from people trying to pry the doors open.

Although we had no problems exploring the area, we’d advise you to take precautions if you decide to visit the area. Or you can practice your lost puppy dog face and use our excuse ;P

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • The roads to the areas are gravelly but any car should be able to visit. Linda’s camry made it no problem!

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