Lassen: King Creek & Cascade Falls

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Visited: September 3, 2016

Description: Beautiful short hike to the beautiful King Creek & Cascade Falls

Length: 2.4 miles out and back if you take Cascade Creek Trail (currently closed), 3.0 mile out and back via Horse Trail

Elevation: 700 feet

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy (rock scrambling required to get to base of falls)

Terrain: Dirt trail, rocky terrain, can get muddy

Pets: No dogs allowed

Wildlife: Deer

Parking: Along the road

Best time to go: Summer

Bring: Camera, water, snack

After spending our morning exploring boiling pools and mud pots at Bumpass Hell, HikeSnobs were ready to explore something more familiar. Our next stop was King Creek Falls, our first waterfall of the weekend!

Located 15 minutes from Bumpass Hell, we quickly found parking roadside and headed onto the trail.


The trail was well-maintained and easy to follow. The views weren’t bad either.


About a mile into the trail, we reached a fork on the trail. The trail splits into Creek/Cascade Trail and Horse Trail. Cascade trail was currently closed due to trail renovation so we opted to take the Horse Trail instead.

The trail was a steady incline with gorgeous views along the way.


Don’t expect to climb uphill for too long, pretty soon you’ll find yourself declining the rest of the way. There are a series of steep rocky switchbacks. You’ll want to be careful with your footing here. No sprained ankles on this hike, please!


When you reach the bottom and connect back to Cascade trail, you’ll spot the creek on your right side. Keeping our eyes peeled, we saw this small waterfall below and half expected this to be it. Hopeful that it wasn’t, we continued on.


5 minutes later, we reached the overlook. You can catch the view of the roaring falls from above. Now, how do we get closer? 🤔

There is no direct trail down to the falls but you can find a way if you are ambitious enough. There was some rock scrambling and butt sliding (as you can tell from Alice’s butt 😂) until we made it to the base of the falls.

The view was absolutely stunning. Definitely worth the scramble down.

If you look closer, you can spot a rainbow! Do you see it? 🌈

After playing at the base of the waterfall, it was time for some hammock fun!


No matter how dangerous or questionable an area is, we will always attempt to hang our hammocks somewhere for an even more relaxing experience (and an awesome picture 😉). Aiming to hang our hammock near the edge of a slippery cliff wasn’t so bad… Linda lost her footing and almost fell off but NBD. We got this! 😅


With hammock time over with, it was time for the trek back. Instead of taking Horse Trail back, we decided to be devious and take the closed Cascade trail back 😈


It was probably one of the best rebellious acts we’ve ever done because the trail was UNBELIEVABLE. There’s a reason why this is called Cascade Falls and we couldn’t believe it was only a few feet away from you! 😍 You can take in all its wonder while hiking along it.


If you take Cascades Trail back, you will be ascending most of the way. There are a series of steps that are in the process of being renovated. Those steps will end half way though and you’ll continue going up through loose, rocky terrain. Continue onto the path back to the sign informing you the trail closure and follow it all the way back to your car. The adventure is over for Kings Creek and Cascade Falls but our day isn’t over!

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • If you’re feeling rebellious, take the closed Cascade Falls trail! It’s worth it

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