Goodbye, Jim Morrison Cave

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Visited: March 26, 2016

Description: A hidden pink cave in the Malibu mountains

Length: 0.5 miles out and back

Elevation: ~30 feet

Duration: 15+ minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Maintained dirt trail.

Pets: Dog-friendly

Parking: Side of the road (only two parking spots)

Best time to go: Anytime

Bring: Camera

As of May 2016, Jim Morrison Cave (aka Corral Canyon Cave) is closed due to vandalism. It was already being vandalized due to the infamous graffiti but it seems it has gotten out of hand. The closure will only impact a small area of the canyon and the rest remains open.

It was the last day of Lent and we decided to celebrate by visiting a vagina. Was that too vulgar? Deal with it ;P

Driving toward Coral Canyon from Malibu off Highway 1, we winded our way up to the entrance that will lead us to Jim Morrison’s cave. Parking is scarce. You’re not allowed to park in front of the entrance and across from the entrance is a small shoulder that fits about two cars. Luckily for us, there was only one car parked on the shoulder so we were able to fit our’s behind it.

The hike is very short. Maybe a fifteen minute walk to the turn off for the cave. Finding the cave is a bit tricky. We knew once we reached the rock labyrinth, we would’ve passed it. We kept our eyes out for anything that may look like it. Quickly spotting what could be the route to the caves, we explored it.


We didn’t find Morrison’s cave but we did catch some great views.


Continuing on our original trail, we hit the labyrinth. Dammit, where the hell was the cave?! Reportedly, the labyrinth isn’t there anymore after they closed down the cave.


This place seriously looks like the cave should be here but it’s not 😑 You can explore this area if you’d like but the cave is just a few yards behind you.

Heading back the way you came, keep an eye out for a trail on the right through some trees/bushes that leads you to a insignificant boulder. Squeeze through the shrubbery toward the rock and you’ll eventually start seeing graffiti which means you’re going the right way! Moments later, BAM! You’ll find the entrance to Jim Morrison’s cave.

It is a really tight squeeze. If you’re claustrophobic like Linda sort of is, just know it’ll be over soon.

If you haven’t noticed already, the opening straight up looks like a vajayjay. Angela and Alice had no problem being reborn again through nature’s vagina… as twins this time 😂 Unfortunately, this section is cemented shut now. If you’d like to be reborn again, we’re sure there are plenty of other “vaginas” you can squeeze through (if you have a dirty mind like us).

If you’re unable to squeeze through the vagina, you can go around the rock until you find the other opening and climb up from there. As Alice demonstrates here, with her signature spread eagle pose, the wider rock opening is right below. This section may be closed now too…

So what’s the deal with this cave? There are Native American cave paintings here, if you can find it. But what made the cave infamous was the pink-painted walls and the vast graffiti? Rumor has it that Jim Morrison, the lead singer for The Doors, came here for inspiration to write songs… but it most likely is just that – a rumor. Because of it’s popularity and mass vandalism, we can understand why such a unique area had to be shut down.

We’re glad we got to witness this spot firsthand before it closed. It just comes to show that you really need to be proactive about visiting cool spots before it’s too late. You can still visit Corral Canyon and enjoy the views but don’t expect to find the infamous graffiti-covered cave.

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • If you decide to recreate the Jim Morrison Cave, be aware that you may get a hefty fine.

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7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Jim Morrison Cave

  1. Certainly a place to check out. I hope it gets reopened. The graffiti was interesting but not the main attraction. If it remains shut then good on you for getting there before it was closed off. Why did people put graffiti on it?

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