Vasquez Rocks

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Visited: January 5, 2014 & April 2, 2017

Description: A popular 932 acre park that is featured in many shows, movies, etc.


Park hours: Sunrise to sunset

Length: 1 hour

Duration: Half an hour or more, depending on how much you explore (or how long it takes you to climb the big rock…)

Terrain: Rocky

Elevation: 325 feet

Pets: Dog-friendly

Parking: Lot

Best time to go: Anytime

Bring: Camera, water, sunscreen, shoes with good grip (if you plan on climbing rocks), long pants (so you don’t scrape your knees or legs if you’re climbing)

We had an extra day left with a rental car and needed to find some parks meant for offroading. We always aim to make really good use of our 4×4 SUV rentals. We wonder if we have a reputation with Enterprise Rent-A-Car yet…

Now, Vasquez Rocks isn’t really for off-roading BUT it’s a great place to explore. There are hiking trails you can take including the Pacific Crest Trail.

We reached our destination and checked out the surroundings a bit. Our main goal was to climb to the peak of Vasquez Rocks! It was probably the scariest thing we’ve ever done… that day.

The spaceship from Roswell should be here somewhere!

Climbing to the peak can be pretty easy for some people but for others like the HikeSnobs, it was frightening. With the wind blowing at 20 mph and a rock surface without much grip, we did not climb to the top smoothly. Shaking from fear, we had to take a break any time there was good spot to rest our butts so we could build up our nerve again to continue up. Eventually, we made it!

View from the peak of Vasquez Rocks

It was sooo windy and high, Linda thought the rock might’ve been shaking… but it was just her shaking.


Vasquez Rocks is a fun place to explore. It’s almost like Lizard’s Mouth but scary on a windy day. If you’re ever in the area or have a few hours to spare, definitely make the trip!

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • It can get extremely windy here, be careful not to get pushed off by the wind.

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