About us

Our friend called us craysian one day and we couldn’t agree more. Two crazy Asians with an obsession for fun hikes and cool adventures because we love “add(ing) life to our days, not days to our life.”

cray·sian (krāZHən) noun – A crazy Asian
Are those craysians riding the roof of that car moving at 75mph?!

Alice and Linda
Alice and Linda

So what’s the crazy? The journey is the crazy! From breaking and entering to actually riding the roof of a car moving at 75mph 😉 We love doing things we’re not allowed to do and risking our lives (to an extent). As long as we don’t lose any limbs or suffer major injuries, we are down for it all! When we’re not being craysians, we’re just badass Asians exploring the world and all it has to offer.

Linda’s an adrenaline-loving, adventure-obsessed, trouble-making mermaid (she wishes she was a mermaid). She’s always planning and ready for her next trip. If you’re lucky enough, you’d be invited to her trips and have your life changed. That’s what happened to Alice.

Alice loves to travel just as much as Linda. Although she’s a bit more safety-cautious, Linda’s motivation (instigation) allows her to overcome her fears so that she can be more of a badass than she already is. Alice’s witty humor keeps Linda from going crazy on long journeys and sometimes shocks strangers but always cracks them up.

Both born and raised in San Francisco and having attended the same middle school, Alice and Linda didn’t officially start hanging out until they moved (at separate times) to Los Angeles in 2013. The very first week Alice came, Linda welcomed her with (what else?) a hike. Ever since then, they’ve been attacking hike after hike, trip after trip, adventure after adventure. Even though Linda moved back to San Francisco in 2015, both still try their best to continue their journeys and are always planning future trips together.

When Linda and Alice travel together, it’s always a drama-free and fun-filled trip. They’re both easy-going, dependable and assertive women who will get the job done. Two independent women joining forces to create @HikeSnobs.

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